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Stainless Steel


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Product Description Designed by Architect Katja Bremkamp The asymmetrical and rather unfamiliar shape of this cutlery range was influenced by the way we handle certain situations relating to the table routine. I was looking at the movements of the hands when dishing food out of bowls, when serving onto a plate and how this movement alters when food is conveyed into the mouth. Each piece reflects these movements individually, referring to their purposes and their “actions”, as some pieces are more asymmetrical than others. The overall asymmetrical shape of this range therefore supports the comfortable handling of cutlery and also acts as guide to the person who is using it.

Additional Information

SKU 1035bundel
Color Stainless Steel
Dishwasher safe Yes
Warranty Lifetime warranty
Cutlery Sets
004 4 pcs set
4 pcs set
1x Table spoon
1x Table fork
1x Table knife
1x Coffee spoon
005 5 pcs set
5 pcs set
1x Table fork
1x Table knife
1x Dessert spoon
1x Dessert fork
1x USA Coffee spoon
016 16 pcs set
16 pcs set
4x Table spoon
4x Table fork
4x Table knife
4x Coffee spoon
020 20 pcs set
20 pcs set
4x Table fork
4x Table knife
4x Dessert spoon
4x Dessert fork
4x USA Coffee spoon
024 24 pcs set
24 pcs set
6x Table spoon
6x Table fork
6x Table knife
6x Coffee spoon
Single items
01 Table spoon
Table spoon
Length: 8.1 inch
02 Table fork
Table fork
Length: 7.8 inch
03 Table knife
Table knife
Length: 8.5 inch
04 Dessert spoon
Dessert spoon
Length: 6.9 inch
07 Tea / Coffee spoon
Tea / Coffee spoon
Length: 5.2 inch
08 Espresso spoon
Espresso spoon
Length: 4.7 inch
15 Cake fork
Cake fork
Length: 5.3 inch
21 Table fish fork
Table fish fork
Length: 8.2 inch

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